Self Service Laundromat
Erie, PA

Now open! Welcome to Erie’s newest and fastest self-service laundromat located on Upper State Street. Our clean, cozy space will make doing laundry much more fun! The card-operated washers and dryers eliminate the need for quarters. Just visit the Fascard kiosk to purchase a prepaid card with cash or a credit card. You can even download the Fascard app on your phone to reload your card or pay at the machines.

  • Super Fast Express Washers

    Wash and dry your laundry in as little as 45 minutes with our brand new, state of the art, express washing machines.

  • No Quarters Needed

    The express washers and dryers are fun on prepaid cards that you load with funds using cash or credit. No more digging around in the couch or going to the bank for quarters.

  • Free Wifi

    The machines wash so quickly, you probably won’t have much time to relax but if you do, we offer free wifi for our laundromat guests.

  • Eco Friendly Machines

    Our machines use fewer energy resources: less water, gas, and electricity. Making them kind to the environment.

Meet Our Small Washers

1-2 Load Machines (20 lb)
Starting at $3.60


Meet Our Large Washers

4 Load Machines (40 lbs)
Starting at $5.35